Canterbury Earthquake (Building Act) Order 2013

The Order extends part of the Canterbury Earthquake (Building Act) Order 2011 to enable the existing dangerous building notices issued under the 2011 Order to continue in force. The Order is limited to ensuring that any existing extended section 124 notices continue in force. It does not include any of the other provisions from the 2011 Order. The Building Act 2004 or the Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Act 2011 would be used as appropriate to manage any newly identified risks. In the absence of any appropriate primary legislation to address this issue, the Order meets the objectives of ensuring users of buildings are adequately protected from public health and safety risks following the Canterbury earthquakes. Maintaining the existing extended section 124 notices reduces confusion and uncertainty with respect to safety of occupants and decision-making for owners. The Review Panel made a recommendation to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery and the Minister for Building and Construction on the draft Order on 9 September 2013. The Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment letter dated 9 September 2013 contains information about the draft Order that the Review Panel considered in making its report and recommendation. Date in force/expires 17 September 2013/18 April 2016.

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Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Review Panel Report and Recommendations
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