Canterbury Earthquake (Energy Companies Act) Order 2011

Modifies the application of the Energy Companies Act 1992 to Orion New Zealand so that it can benefit from extra time to prepare and update its statement of corporate intent and operations report, particularly in light of the changes to the electrical lines infrastructure since the earthquakes. Defers the dates by which Orion New Zealand is required by the Energy Companies Act 1992 to deliver its 2011/12 statement of corporate intent (by three months), and 2010/11 operations report and financial statements (by two months). The Review Panel made a recommendation to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery and the Acting Minister of Energy and Resources on the draft Order on 15 June 2011. The Department of Internal Affairs letter of 10 June 2011 contains information about the draft Order that the Review Panel considered in making its report and recommendation.

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Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Review Panel Report and Recommendations
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Letter to Review Panel from Department of Internal Affairs
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