Canterbury Earthquake (Resource Management Act Port of Lyttelton Recovery) Order 2011

Provides for up to 10 ha of reclamation and port activities necessary for the recovery of the Port of Lyttelton to proceed without being unduly impeded by certain processes of the Resource Management Act 1991. Specified stakeholders must be consulted before applications lodged. Activities classified as controlled and processed as non-notified resource consent applications within 5 working days by councils. No rights of appeal to the Environment Court, except on the part of the applicant. Enforcement action only able to be undertaken by councils. The Review Panel made a recommendation to the Minister for Canterbury Earthquake Recovery and the Minister for the Environment on the draft Order on 11 May 2011. The Ministry for the Environment letter of 6 May 2011 contains information about the draft Order that the Review Panel considered in making its report and recommendation. Date in force/expires 26 May 2011/18 April 2016.

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Canterbury Earthquake Recovery Review Panel Report and Recommendations
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Letter to Review Panel from Ministry for the Environment
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